Friday, April 24, 2009

Yet More Salespeople

Those sales calls are coming thick & fast - I had yet another telephone call from a company who (surprise surprise) claimed they were part of Google and offered to get my site listed higher up the index - for a fee of course.
As we were both sat in front of our computers I also opened up Google so I could check my listing.

The conversation went as follows -

Me - I've opened up Google

Salesman - OK

Me - I'm using Firefox, what browser are you using ?

Salesmen - Google

Me - No, what internet browser are you using.

Salesman - Google !

Me - What, Google Chrome ? (this is Google's new browser by the way)

Salesmen - No, Google !

Me - Google is a search engine - what internet browser are you using ie Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc..

Salesman - Oh, er Internet Explorer.

The conversation went downhill from this point.

It also transpires (as if I could not have guessed) that the company were not part of or owned by Google.
But then again why let the truth get in the way of a sales pitch : )

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