Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moroccan Mural

I have finished my Moroccan style mural and just in time as the weather is beginning to really hot up and a south-facing conservatory is the last place I want to be working in : )

It also feels as if I have painted miles and miles of the mosaic effect - I am delighted with the finished effect of the aged mosaic but I am in no great rush to paint another right now - I don't even want to estimate how many little blue squares I have painted : )

The finished mural has been protected with two coats of a flat acrylic varnish. This process is always unnerving for me even though I have been doing it for years. The varnish takes on a milky appearance when it is applied and slightly obscures the mural - it then dries completely clear and with a fantastic matt surface which has little or no light reflection.