Saturday, December 5, 2009

Work In Progress

I thought it was about time I posted some photographs of a work in progress.

I have started painting a tropical island theme mural to cover all four walls and ceiling of a bedroom. Around the bed I am painting a driftwood shelter in the form of a four poster as well as a distant island, beach and a few palm trees.

I have also started this in a slightly different way to how I normally work - as you can see from the pics I have painted the entire room in blue and have then planned out the details in monotone. As I flesh the mural out I will gradually introduce the colour in tints - this should help unify the entire piece.
I will also have some wildlife dotted around including some parrots whose colouring will provide some wonderful contrasts to the cool blues.

The palm trees are always a challenge to get right - I have very loosely sketched the basic form in pencil and then just used a paintbrush to fill out the details.

I will keep posting the pics as I progress

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