Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blast from the Past

Ok - this is an interesting painting of mine with a story attached.

I painted this mural as part of an art project many (many) years ago.
Back then I was a student at the Southend-on-Sea School of Art & Design doing my one year Art Foundation course.

The premise behind my project was to produce a work of art with indications and symbols referring to the year it was painted. It was then to be concealed with the intention that it would be re-discovered many years later and would be able to be dated by deciphering the clues.

I painted it at my home in a heiroglypic style and used a lot of the Egyptian symbolism as well as make up a few of my own to fit the bill. It probably only took me about half an hour to paint.
Once finished I photographed it for my project (to prove I had painted it) and then it was hidden away behind a few layers of lining and wallpaper.

And then I just forgot all about it.

Six years later I got married and moved out and then in 2004 my mother sold the family home to move into something smaller.
Then about 15 months ago the house came onto the market and my wife & myself took the plunge and went for it.
Now I am back in the home that I grew up in with my own young family.

This all brings us neatly full circle to that art project many years ago.
I am now in the process of decorating our office and have stipped off all the layers of paint and wallpaper in the room to reveal my heiroglypics painted nearly half my lifetime ago.

I do wonder though what someone else's reaction would have been if they had discovered these symbols hidden beneath the wallpaper.

As for the year in which I painted it - the clues are all there.

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