Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Glow in the dark stuff

I'm still playing with those glow paints (actually I should say 'working' as that sounds much more professional).

I painted this a couple of weeks ago onto an MDF panel - I thought it would be fun to try something a bit OTT and seeing as I've already done stars, planets, moons and comets I thought I'd try my artistic hand at the Big Bang !

I have also just completed a bedroom ceiling for one of my daughter's school friends. He came upstairs to see me whilst I was halfway through - it must have seemed odd because yesterday was bright sunshine and I had darkened his room with blackout material to help me see what I'm doing (trust me - that makes sense).
He was concerned about the paint getting in my eyes and insisted I wear a pair of his goggles to protect me :)

My next project is for a London skyline painted across three canvases and I will be using some of the glow paint so you can have both a day-time & night-time scene on the same painting. It is all experimental but then that's what art should be about - wish me luck.

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