Friday, September 19, 2008

DIY SOS Murals

Now the show has been aired I can post the photos of what Gordon & myself painted.

Gordon painted a fantastic trompe l'oeil statuette in the corner of the dining room. This is a style I have yet to try myself - it is very effective as you can tell from the photograph.

I painted the stone-blocking although Gordon did chip in and help with the highlights. On screen the effect was too subtle for the wider shots although close up it looked fine. It blended into the room rather than shout for attention.

The dinosaur was actually sprung on us at the last moment by the lovely Julia. We did consider Barney the Dinosaur but the copyright and lawsuit implications were a minor concern. In the end we opted for a cuddly dino who is definitely not Barney (or purple).

Gordon painted the dino - I did the trompe l'oeil bit with the missing block & cracks. I think we managed to paint it in about 25 minutes - our time spent on "60 Minute Makeover" had paid off.

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